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I’m going to explain to youthe process of that built and what I found to be most successful in ourindustry everything once again off the  top of my head no notes just everythinga little bit of rambling but I’m sure I’ll assemble some words but let’s startfrom the beginning client emails us client calls us client walks throughthis very door where do we start you know there’s some difficult questionsyou must ask a client which may feel uncomfortable to you but I think it’smandatory and finding out which direction you have to work thisrelationship in one of the first questions that’s most difficult to askwhat is the budget because if you’re a  web developer you must realize that youget this phone call we get phone calls  every single day where the future clientor the caller is simply going to ask I want a website how much is it going tocost into my answer my answer should be well tell me more I’ve no idea what yourwebsite’s going to cost but we can’t answer in that manner or we’re going tolose that client so we have to really dummy down to find out investigate tofind out what this client is looking for in the first question cannot be what thebudget is or you scare them away they hang up they don’t reply to your emailthey leave your door running so I mean there’s a nice way to do this into toask the questions necessary to get the answers necessary to put a proper priceprice quote together so if somebody calls and says first question hey I’mlooking for a website how much is the costmy first question so that would be oh thank you for calling us you called theperfect set of nerds we’re the number one in Toronto now sir or madammind if I ask you a question have you seen any websites anywhere on theworldwide web that you really like you  like the functionality you like the sizeyou like the color scheme and I tell them straightforward I’m trying to getinto your mind to see exactly what you’re looking for I’ll use an exampleif somebody came onto a car lot and went to a car salesman said how much is a carthey’re going to give you a range  they’re going to ask like do you want a4×4 what do you plan to have large family is this a sports car you’re goingto amidlifecrisis they’re going to ask you the specific questions in order toget to the bottom and find out what you’re really looking for what you wantand with web development sometimes clients don’t know what they want thisis their first website so you as a web developer has to ask the properquestions in order to finding out the information required to assist yourfuture client hopefully so my first thing when I talk to somebody on thephone is trying to find out what they’re looking for I always try to get theminto a physical location to meet I – I so you can meet the team here at thenerves worldcom we pride ourself one verything is done in-house nothing isoutsourced to India China Philippines Colombia everything’s done in-house so Ifeel that’s a really selling point so I tell them straight I’m sorrystraightforward on the phone there’s no sales pitch just please come in I’d loveyou to meet our team is 100% free consultation let’s do a throw a littlebrainstorming session in there because that’s my opportunity to show my passionthat I have for this project so I feel like it’s hard to tell you passion overthe phone I’d love for you to come in you know we have hot coffee you havesoft drinks refreshments whatever they want we’re going to have a lot of freshflowers for them on the table if they like the smell of roses so the idea thecall-to-action for me when a phone call comes through is to get them to the doorto meet us in person they’re going to be some appliance that are hesitant no letme ask you questions first before we decide if we want to meet and you haveto have two answers written down for that so I would have like the three mostoften questions are what is the price of a website they’re going to ask you can Isee five sample websites that you provided that are in a similar industrythat you’d like to show me and can you provide references so what I would do ishave answers ready because you know thosequestions are going to come in and they’re going to come in often the nextstep in the process they get through the door

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