How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With $0 Investment

I think one of the most frequently asked questions that I get is how do you start a marketing agency so if you’re looking to start a marketing business in 2018 19 and beyond feel free to stick and watch this blog hey everyone it’s ruinin back again with another youtube blog and today I wanted to give you kind of a step-by-step blueprint and to starting a marketing agency because when I started it was very difficult was very rough and luckily you have someone like me here to teach you some of the stuff so when you go out and start your own agency it’s not gonna be a huge hassle so before we start I just want to give some disclosures number one this is not a start a business in 30 days and make two hundred million dollars very fast without your grandmother it’s not one of those blogs I’m going to be very honest with you what it is though is a very practical blog on the experiences that I’ve had in the past that will help you generate business and start out your marketing career without having a bunch of hassles okay because unfortunately what it is today is there’s a lot of people on the internet giving false hopes and telling people all these different types of stories but these different products and services but really comes down to a few different things that I’m gonna talk about those few different things today so getting started I want to talk about what is it marketing agency and what exactly does it do so basically what a marketing agency is it’s an agency that brings leads to businesses that’s it brings leads to businesses if you are not bringing the business customers it doesn’t matter how pretty you’re making them look online doesn’t matter how many views you’re getting them they’re going to fire you now this is not for every type of client we have had clients before that just wanted brand reach which is basically like okay we want this ad to be seen by a hundred thousand people okay that’s very easy to do now it’s different though when you say okay I want this ad to target this many people and get this many leads this many sales so if you are gonna start a marketing agency you always remember the first thing is sales that’s number one is sales once you can bring a business sales you are in business now there’s a few different ways to go about that right so how can you bring a business sales well the first way is search engine optimization if you’re working with a local small business I highly highly highly recommend that you look into search engine optimization now what search engine optimization basically means is if you type in a keyword into Google and you click on the first result that company is most likely to get a phone call that is the easiest way to bring a bid as customers I’m telling you this right now from a year of experience that that is the easiest way and look I am no I am no noob at Facebook advertising I’m not I understand it very well I understand a CEO very well I understand email marketing very well and I can tell you this that the money is in the SEO the money is in the follow-up meeting the email marketing and you can do Facebook ads to accelerate some of this stuff but I found that the traffic from Facebook ads is not as sticky and converting them the traffic some search engine optimization with that being said you need to understand what types of services you’re gonna offer as a marketing agency now when I started back in 2017 I was offering Facebook advertising primarily and I think that that’s a really good way to start because Facebook ads you don’t really need to know much all you need to do is understand the psychological behavior behind people on Facebook now if you can do that you can become very successful Facebook advertising here’s the other thing I really like about Facebook Ads is that it doesn’t really require any cost so you can literally pick up a backpack go to every state in the world and start selling Facebook advertising services now when you’re going about this I highly recommend that you take some type of training course or series now look I know everybody’s weird about courses but it’s the best way to learn accelerated so find somebody in YouTube that you like and literally just follow them step by step and purchase their course there’s a lot of people out there going oh I don’t want to buy a course people shouldn’t be selling courses why not these people sell their books right it’s not free it’s not free information you got to pay for it and if you pay for it guess what you buy your way to success my buddy Eamonn Godsey says if you buy your way to success they’re gonna see it much faster just the reality of the way it works so now that you understand pick a service right you can specialize in Facebook you can specialize in blog you can specialize an email what I don’t recommend you to do when you’re starting out your marketing agency is specializing in everything because I guarantee you that is a blueprint to fail in business if you specialize in those focused things such as SEO Facebook ads email marketing blog whatever it may be you’re going to see a ton of success and here’s the reason why so if you’re starting your own agency guess what you’re gonna have to do you’re gonna have to get customers and when getting customers it’s a lot easier to say ok like we especially focus on Facebook Ads right instead of trying to sell somebody SEO but you suck at it and you’re confident in it specialized in Facebook ads look what I did when I started and you can take this tip away was I literally started off by just doing restaurants and if you’re just doing restaurants guess what you can literally say que mr. customer I only do restaurants hey mr. customer check out this ad idea for a restaurant hey mr. customer check out this blog I did for a restaurant it’s gonna keep people really trust it’s gonna keep people trusted in your brand and it’s very key to specialize down when you’re first starting out now the second thing is make blogs okay a lot of people they want to start their own agencies and they can’t even bring themselves business with their own marketing strategies if you can’t do that you’re not comfortable with your marketing and guess why you’re marketing probably doesn’t work if you can’t bring yourself business using marketing which you say you do it doesn’t work okay customers feel really comfortable when they see it when they work with a marketing agency agent person youtuber or whatever whatever it may be they feel really comfortable with the fact that people make blogs look I get clients telling me all the time we want to feel really comfortable you already are making these blogs I see your landing pages I see your SEO let’s work together if you have an agency where you don’t even have a website you don’t have a business card you don’t have a nice shirt you don’t have traffic you don’t even have a sales funnel they’re not gonna trust you look it’s just that way and I’m tired of all these scam artists telling you look you don’t need a website you don’t need an email who the hell is gonna give you money without you having a business card you know a nice nice shirt website social social traffic whatever whatever the metrics you want to use the KPI is you want to use nobody’s gonna do that okay you need to have tangible results this is why I always recommend before starting out your marketing company spend six months still in your full-time job if you have one spend six months literally building out traffic and an audience or blogs or build out your brand before you quit your job I quit my job like a freakin idiot and I just literally just one day stopped coming to work boom is income with a seventy thousand to zero great now I’m stuck here with no traffic no brand awareness no blogs actually at the time I had about one YouTube and that was my first blog I ever made on this channel which is kind of what propelled me to keep making blogs so I guess it wasn’t blessing in itself but the point is is I had no content and I just went out there deep dive into the water and acted like people were just gonna start hiring me guess what happened nobody hired me for the first two months I had to put a bunch of money on credit cards this is why I’m telling you that before you quit brand out branch out make sure you build some content initially study your freaking ass off I mean I can’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent watching courses it was thousands of dollars watching courses so specialized in a product or service build your brand out before you quit your job or get some case studies slash testimonials and here’s the third part is start doing a lot of stuff for free I know a lot of people are against that doing stuff for free part but look guess what the richest people worked for free in their life and that’s just the case scenario okay the reason being is because when you work for free you actually get to test your abilities and you get to actually see what you can do to impact the business if you’re watching this right now and you don’t feel comfortable starting the marketing agency simply because of the fact you don’t know how to get results don’t start an agency okay I’m just gonna be real do not start an agency if you’ve not gotten somebody results here’s why you start an agency thinking that you can bring somebody results in you don’t have actual facts bringing somebody results or you don’t have actual data on this you’re gonna have a very hard problem and this problem is gonna be you’re going to eat on somebody’s account they’re going to complain about you and now you’re going to have a bad reputation in your local area that’s not what you want okay start by testing out on your gear your mom or dad’s business your friends business your aunts business start out like that Neil Patel how he started a new hotel him one of the most famous internet entrepreneur today he owns Neil Patel communes kiss metric healings crazy egg he started out by doing SEO for free for somebody for six months the reason being is because Neil Patel yeah he’s the greatest SEO guy now but when he started he had no idea what he was doing and he even him did something for free so I know a lot of the training courses kind of go above and beyond this they say look you should never do something for free you should know your own Worth look when you’re a star you’ve got no work I don’t care who you are your ego is at the door you are nobody okay your ego is at the door you need to do stuff for free everybody’s done stuff for free why the hell do you think they have internships okay it’s just a way of proving yourself and getting yourself experience before somebody actually pays you so with that being said start charging more so once you have gotten this specialized product once you’ve gone out and tested this product and you’ve brought somebody leaves and services guess what you can do now you can start charging for this stuff now the way I charge for my services does that go by the hour you can go a little differently that’s just the way I like to build the rates and if you you know if you want to check out how I build the rates just go ahead and leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you anyway so start charging oddly okay or so let’s think about it right if you can bring a business one new customer and that customer is worth two thousand for them how much can you charge realistically your charge should be a thousand because you want to double their ROI so if you start bringing them to customers per month now you can charge two thousand and three thousand and four thousand look it all depends on what the average return on investment is for that business so one of my favorite questions to ask and how I determine pricing is you know what is your average customer spend what is your average customer lifetime value right do your customers refer people because a lot of the times if a customer works with like in here in Connecticut we had like this huge like tornado hurricane thing the past week and three companies are freaking going crazy okay their tree companies are slammed I have a tree client he can’t he doesn’t know what to do it himself okay so more of the being is the tree client makes two thousand dollars every tree he pulls out so if we can do SEO and we get him eight sales a month we can charge three thousand four thousand dollars per month just for the SEO this is extremely powerful when you think about it and it should completely throw out what you think about pricing because if you can bring a business testify results right and you can do it you can do it consistently that you should know how much you should charge now here’s the here’s the other side of this if you have a customer that makes $5 for every customers they get you’re gonna have a hard time charging $1,500 to $2,000 so what I recommend you do is find the higher ticket higher return on investment customers charge them a lot more it’ll be a much better time for your money I can almost promise you that so guy thank you so much for watching this blog remember this is part 1 of the series I’m gonna go in-depth into starting a marketing agency I’m going to interview some clients you guys are gonna see a lot of this stuff on the onion the backend side of ruan’s YouTube channel anyways if you enjoyed the blog please leave a like comment and subscribe and I would love to know what you guys thought about the new blog thank you

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