What Is Salesforce?

Hey guys here’s the article you all must have been waiting for so long this videowill give you answers of all thequestions about what is the sales forceby this way guys posts a video everyweek about sales force and rant aboutsales first days and since was that canyou see your career in sales force whatare the prerequisites for it do I need acoding background to learn sales forceis it only for computer scienceengineers and the most important howmuch will I get paid you get answers ofall these questions today in this video so let us start with the first questionwhich is what is Salesforce Salesforceis basically a leading and fastest growing cloud computing companySalesforce helps companies to connectwith the customers who worldwide andalso helps them sell their products andservices smarter and faster this companywas founded by Marc Benioff and ParkerHarris in the year 1999 and now hasgrown to such an extent that it is the fourth largest software company in thisworld you must be like oh this companysells a software hmm probably notSalesforce actually sells a CRMapplication which runs on a cloud andmoreover it’s a platform where you canbuild your own custom cloud apps foryour business it sounds somethingtypical ah so let me explain you in away that you would understand you allmust be using an idiot’s connection orsatellite cable at your home and youmust be subscribed to a plan with thatddh company cells and whenever you needany help or if you face any issue youjust call the DDA’s company on theirtoll-free number or just charge withtheir support agents on their website inthat situation the person who picks upyour call or charge with you on thewebsite knows each and everything aboutyou just by knowing your ID like onwhich plan you are which ad we live inwhat issues you’re faced earlier alsoand a lot of things this DTH companyalso sendspersonalized messages telling us toupgrade our plan or to recharge the DTHconnection so that it does not getsexpired the service doesn’t getsinterrupted this happens with all of usbut how many of you have ever wonderedthat how these companies do this I havethe answer these companies actually usesa CRM and probably Salesforce becausesales which is the number one CRM inthis world CRM stands for customerrelationship management which helpscompanies provide a better overallexperience to their customers and italso helps companies to store all theirbusiness related data on the cloud at asingle place so that they can access itfrom anywhere congratulations you haveunderstood what is this Salesforce nowlet me explain it in an another way sothat all the entrepreneurs watching overthere can also understand what theirSalesforce and how it is beneficial forthem and for their business imagine yourunning a company or have recentlystarted a start-up with sales sneakersyou want your customers to have apersonalized experience so that they canconnect with your company you want yoursales start to have all the informationat a single place for example you do notwant the list of leads into an excelfile or the numbers of them in yourphone’s contact book or an email youwant all these information at a singleplace you want to solve the problemsyour customers are facing very fast andalso on reports that will answer all thequestions about your business like whatwas the last month’s sale how manysneakers are there in the inventory andout of them how many are defective whichsneaker your customers liked the mostand many more questions like these ifyou think all these things will bebeneficial for your business thencongratulations you need a CRM and Iknow you take your business veryseriously so you want the best CRM inthis world which is SalesforceSalesforce basically helps companies sale service market analyze and connectwith their customers it is not only aCRM but also a platform which can behighcustomized according to the needs andrequirements of a business it can beused by a company as big as a DDH company serving all across the globe allby a five store small fast-food chain which is serving only inner-city theapplications on Salesforce can manage all the things businesses requiresoftware full like begin manage HR we can manage finance we can do marketingwe can do sales we can provide services and literally we can do anything usingthis Salesforce because Salesforce provide applications to do it on itsplatform only and if there is no application with suits or requirementyou can create your own custom cloud application on Salesforce which servesthe needs and requirements of your business so that means companies whichuse Salesforce does not require anyother software to manage their businessall they need is an application in sales now I am very much sure that you canteach anyone that or days since who’s so let’s jump into the second point that iscourier in Salesforce the first and foremost yueshen people ask me is do Ineed a coding background to learn Salesforce and the answer is no you donot say it’s first has many different profiles in which you can work and thereare no such coding skills required for them coding skills are only required ifyou want to become a Salesforce developer or a sales force architect butthere are profiles license for the administrator since was consultantbusiness analyst in which you do not require any coding skills and still youcan have an awesome career this is also a misconception about Salesforce that it  is only for the people who have anengineering background all who have a computers background but it’s really nottrue it also has other profiles like sales manager marketing managersbusiness analysts who normally do not have any relation with engineeringbackground all computers background but  n order to do their job in a better waythey have adopted Salesforce and now they have become good in there girl evenif you don’t work with Salesforce chances are that you can work in acompanywhich uses since who’s because Salesforce is used by all the greatcompanies around the world so if you want to become a rock star in the officelearn how does it work everything is fine but first tell me what will be thesalary and life Soho I have listed a link down in the description just hitthat link go to that page and figure it out according to the profile you wanna work on after checking that link I amvery much sure that you all will be excited to start your career inSalesforce but please wait for a minute don’t make this decision based on themoney you’ll get make this decision based on the work you do because I trulybelieve that you should do the work you love and if this is who you are then youare really very very welcome in ourSalesforceJuana will explain you in the next video that what is sales was one if you stillhave any questions related to anything  in Salesforce just comment down on thebottom might be happy to help and don’t forget to subscribe to Salesforce solidchannel on

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